What is it?:

The iObserver is an electronic device that allows to automatically identify and quantify the whole catch on board fishing vessels. It consists of:

  • An industrial vision camera.
  • An industrial computer equipped with image recognition software.
  • A lighting system.

Such elements are protected by a metallic case able to resist the harsh conditions on the fishing parks.


Main characteristics:

  • Dimensions/Weight: 40x23x26 cm/18 kg.
  • It is located over the conveyor belt, just before the fish separation zone.
  • It can be installed on a wide range of fishing parks.
  • It is equipped with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) easy to handle and that requires minimal user interaction.
  • Automatic image acquisition by means of a system of sensors that avoids image repetition.
  • It allows training new species through the GUI.
  • Identification results are combined with vessel instrumentation data. Then, they are sent to an in-land center for further analysis.

Results obtained during the project:

  • 17 species of commercial interest are already trained. Such species can be found on the following fishing grounds: Great Sole, Northwest Cantabric, Portugal and NAFO.
  • It has been intensively tested in 10 oceanographic campaigns and in 9 commercial trips, in which, more than 200.000 images were taken.
  • Identification accuracy larger than 90% for separated individuals with a size estimation mean error lower than 3%.








You can download the manual in the following link  LIFE iSEAS iObserver Manual