Performance tuning of the iObserver system for the automatic identification and quantification of on-board catches

One of the main objectives of the LIFE iSEAS project is the development and tuning of the iObserver system, a set of vision technologies able to identify and quantify on board fish catches. This system is installed in the fishing hold (on the conveyor belt / sorting area) of different oceanographic and fishing vessels to perform the same work of an human observer on board, identifying the type and quantity of fishing species, but without interfering in the normal activity of fishermen.

In September and October 2017, the iObserver system will be tested again on board of the oceanographic vessels “Vizconde de Eza” and “Miguel Oliver”. Scientific observers of the IEO (Spanish Institute of Oceanography), project partner in LIFE iSEAS, will be in charge of its use and control. The RedBox system, developed for sending data to land, will also be tested during that campaign.

To test the implementation of both systems on commercial trawler vessels, they remain on board of the “Portosanto”, belonging to the project partner OPROMAR (Organization of Fresh Producers of the Port and Ria de Marín), in which several tests have already been carried out throughout this year.

On land, IEO and IIM –CSIC scientists supported by the University of Vigo (UVIGO), continue to work on improving the automatic identification system of targeted species, those that are subject to TACs.

Results will be presented in the next few months, through several dissemination events and especially in May 2018 during the final conference of the project in Vigo, Spain (MARTEC2018 – International Conference on advances in marine technologies applied to discard mitigation and management, 2 – 4 May 2018).