Fifth coordination meeting– Life iSEAS project

The project partners of iSEAS project will hold a coordination meeting on 13 and 14 December 2016 in Santiago de Compostela. The fifth coordination will take place in the facilities of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Santiago de Compostela. In this meeting the results obtained in the framework of Action B will be presented, which include the following aspects:

  • Definition and testing of an iObserver.
  • Development of a fishing Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).
  • Optimization of the fishing activity monitoring towards the sustainability of resources.
  • Definition of a real fully operative facility for discards valorisation and management.

Besides, the state of completion of the other actions will be analyzed, that include the networking with other similar projects, the environmental and socio-economic impact assessment of the solutions proposed by the iSEAS project, as well as the communication and dissemination activities carried out until the moment and those that are planed for the next months.